The CHEWY™ - Pastel Blue Pacifier

The CHEWY™ - Pastel Blue Pacifier

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The CHEWY™ Baby Pacifier - Pastel Blue

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The one piece CHEWY™ baby pacifier has a soft round nipple and two ventilation holes on the side to ensure breathing space for your little one.

This complete round pacifier is a 2-in-1, baby pacifier, and a teether (the handle has a bubble effect to help those itchy gums).

The CHEWY™ is 100% Non-toxic, and BPA Free and are made of 100% Food Grade Silicone which is completely tasteless and odourless.

Before first use, sterilise the pacifier with hot water and sterilising liquid.

Always make sure that your product is in good condition. Any item should be discarded when damaged in any way or form. It's important to never leave your little one unattended with any small object or items, including beads, cords, and clips as it can present a choking hazard.